A Painted Six-Board Chest

Construction Notes


Materials: Tulip Poplar, Leather Hinges.

Finish: Salem Red milk paint (2 coats) with a linseed oil topcoat.

Top: 10-7/8 inches by 18-5/8 inches by 3/4 inches.

Sides: 10 inches by 17-1/2 inches.

Front/Back: 18 inches by 11-5/16 inches.

Spandrels: 6-3/8 inches by 6-1/2 inches.

Till: 4 inches by 9 inches.

A prototype in cheap wood for a future project in walnut. Standard six-board construction with nailed leather hinge. Pattern taken from chest on the Mary Rose, including spandrels in front (though at a much smaller scale).